Elizabeth has called Medicine Hat home her whole life.

Her sense of place and immersion in the community has opened doors, steered her experiences, and spawned an education that cannot be bought.

Elizabeth has been a part of her family's property management company, Cambridge Investments Ltd., since her early years as a teenager. Helping with the maintenance and rental aspects of the business while meeting with people and making a connection has helped to Instill a sense for what people need In a home and the certain quality of life that they are looking for. Also being involved in property management for the last 15 years has really given Elizabeth a solid knowledge base for purchasing and selling revenue property from homes with basement suites to larger apartment buildings.

Elizabeth’s first business venture was a modern clothing store called Primary Planet located in the Aberdeen business area on the SE hill. This is where her first feelings for being part of a business community really started to thrive. "I realized that it takes real dedication and attention in order to help people feel comfortable and accepted in a community."

It was around this time when Elizabeth became interested in purchasing homes in need of some attention and love. Partially to subsidize her business (Primary Planet) and partially for the love of bringing a home back to life she began restoring character homes. Elizabeth closed the doors at Primary Planet after she realized where her interests lie. Since then Elizabeth has been working as a Real Estate Agent and focusing on developing her knowledge of buying and selling real estate while staying involved with property management and development.

"I'm proud to say that I've had a successful career to this point and plan to continue on helping people find a sense of community and a place they can call home."

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